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Excellence in surface treatment and painting for the automotive industry and general industry

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With extensive technical expertise, combined with technological innovation, NOVACOAT, positions itself on the market as a company of excellence in surface treatment and painting for the automotive industry. It provides the customer with a complete service, from conception to delivery of the final product.

NOVACOAT target is to develop and to produce solutions of excellence in the painting of components for both the automotive industry and the industry in general, supported by complementary services with high added value.

NOVACOAT intends to be recognized as a reference in the market where it operates, adding value to each project, supported by a quality and innovation culture based on knowledge and experience.

  • Customer Focus - Sense of commitment and satisfaction;
  • Accuracy Culture - Do it well and always do better;
  • Internal and External Cooperation - Through team work;
  • Creation of Value - Results-oriented.

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/ Management Policy

Quality, Safety and Environment

NovaCoat, Lda., is a company focus on the treatment and coating of surfaces through wet painting process, whose main objective is to ensure the continuous satisfaction of its customers, employees and administration, in harmony with the social and environmental environment, understanding the needs and expectations of other stakeholders and achieving the effectiveness and continuous improvement of its operation and Integrated Management System, thus ensuring its consolidation and permanence in the market in the long term.

Therefore, the present Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Management Policy was defined, based on the ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO14001 and ISO45001 references, and which is based on the following general principles:

  • Consider Quality, Safety and Environment as the main pillar associated with all activities and employees, the latter being a fundamental part of the company’s success, and must therefore be involved and motivated for the Integrated Management System, contributing to an increase in efficiency of the organization;
  • A commitment to the continued satisfaction of customers, as well as other interested parties, with technical capacity, competence and organization, so that the service provided is consistent and provided systematically, with the level of quality required to satisfy its needs and expectations, also seeking to influence, as far as possible and in the course of its activity, relevant stakeholders regarding its environmental aspects;
  • Comply with the requirements of our customers and with the compliance obligations applicable in the various scopes;
  • Defining compliance as a priority, protecting the environment with a view to preventing pollution and preventing risks to safety and health, controlling processes and activities and establishing a commitment to continuous improvement;
  • Promote information, communication and recognition in the organization;
  • Disseminate this policy to all people who work for the organization or on its behalf, as well as keep it available to interested parties whenever requested.